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Our cuisine offerings are gluten-free & vegan-based with flexitarian options of meat, seafood, and dairy-based products in order to satisfy the palates of vegan, vegetarian and traditional diets alike.
Our Culinary Services include:
               - Culinary Classes (private, group, online, in-person)
               - Boutique Event and Residential Fine Dining Services

               - Corporate Dining and Festival Catering Services
               - Baked Goods, Sweet Treats, Sauces, Jams, Spice Blends
               - Teas, Juices, and Smoothie Blends
whole food
plant-rich cuisine 

A plant-rich lifestyle is a dietary choice consisting of large amounts of whole foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds). Plant-based foods are foods derived from plants with no animal-source foods; however, a plant-rich diet is not necessarily vegan.


It is a dietary lifestyle that incorporates a significant amount of whole foods paired with smaller, high-quality, portions of meat, seafood, or animal product (cheese, eggs, yogurt, milk, etc.).


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We use the finest and freshest ingredients
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Sweet Potato Bisque with Green Chili Oil
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